Max Out Your Vertical Storage: 3 Creative Solutions Revealed - Overly Organized Series Ep14


2/26/20242 min read

Max Out Your Vertical Storage: 3 Creative Solutions Revealed

Overly Organized Series ep14

Unlocking Space: Creative Organizing Solutions for a Clutter-Free Life

Ever felt like your home could use a bit Or perhaps, a touch of organization to make everything feel just right? You're not alone. Growing up as a Tetris fan, I've found the joy in fitting pieces together extends beyond the game, into organizing my living spaces. Especially in areas like the bedside and bathroom sink, maximizing vertical space can transform your routine from cluttered chaos to streamlined simplicity. Here, I'll share three creative organizing solutions that have significantly changed my daily life for the better.

Transforming the Bedside

The bedside is more than just a place to rest your head. It's a hub of nightly and morning rituals, from selecting a late-night read to silencing your wake-up alarm. Recognizing this, I implemented a system that keeps everything within arm's reach, yet out of sight.

Hanging Pockets: Ideal for storing remotes, these pockets replaced the velcro strips I once used. They're a game changer for those groggy moments when you need to grab or put away a remote in the dark.

Enhancing the Bathroom Sink Area

The bathroom sink area often bears the brunt of our hurried preparations. To streamline my routine and keep essentials organized, I turned to a few ingenious solutions.

Vinyl Cling Pockets: Stuck to the inside of my mirrored wall cabinet, these pockets are perfect for storing single-use items like pore strips. They're especially handy right after a shower, making my skincare routine a breeze.

Hooks and Metal Rings: From Dollar Tree hooks for wrist scrunchies to wall-mounted metal rings for hair dryers and curling irons, these additions leverage gravity and keep everything in its place. The Command hooks paired with binder clips are fantastic for squeezing out the last bit of your toothpaste or other tube products.

A Note on Bathroom Storage

The mirrored Godmorgan cabinets from Ikea have been a staple in my bathroom remodel. Their mirrored surfaces on the inside and outside make them not just a storage solution but also a practical tool in my daily routine. The added bonus of vinyl pockets for dental care tools and the vent holes for drying makes these cabinets an organizational dream.

The Joy of Organized Tools

Finding creative ways to store hair tools has also made a significant difference. A simple twist tie or velcro strip creates a loop for hanging items on hooks. It's a simple trick that keeps your tools accessible but out of the way. Plus, the hanging vinyl pouch for my flat iron doubles as a protective layer for countertops and a convenient travel organizer.


Embracing these creative organizing solutions hasn't just maximized my vertical space; it's transformed my daily routines into more efficient, enjoyable experiences. From bedside to bathroom, the right strategies can turn your spaces into well-oiled machines that cater to your needs with grace. Whether you're a Tetris aficionado like me or just someone looking to declutter your life, remember, organization isn't just about storage—it's about making room to live better. If these tips resonate with you, consider exploring more ways to bring order and efficiency into your home. Here's to a more organized, streamlined life!

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